High-productivity with Rotax S5300XL, at low cost


Rotax S5300XL with rotating arm is a completely automatic packaging line that guarantees productivity rise in any company wishing to reduce pallet wrapping time.

Because of the large amount of orders, our Alba county client SC Kronospan SA contacted us to find the best solution for their pallet wrapping needs. Our specialists followed up with an audit, to learn more about the packaging process in SC Kronospan SA. Based on this audit and consultancy, we recommended integrating the automatic wrapping line Rotax S5300XL with rotating arm. It was the ideal solution for effective pallet wrapping and raised productivity.


After implementing this line, our team monitored the packaging process, to verify the impact of our solution in the efficiency of the pallet wrapping process. Below you can find a few images and videos, as well as a few benefits of such an integrated automated line for the packaging process.

The completely automated pallet wrapping machine Rotax S5300XL with rotating arm comes equipped with motorised pre-stretch system that ensures an economic use of film. The motorised pre-stretch system is a special gadget ensuring the use of an ideal quantity of film. It also allows wrapping light and unstable products that can’t be wrapped with the traditional palettizing systems.

Traian Radu
SC Kronospan Sebes SA – finishing chipboard responsible

“We have acquired several equipment. Among them is the automatic wrapping machine Rotax, which can handle the automatic flow in which it is integrated. Its productivity is correlated to the packaging line’s, it has a good reliability and ergonomics. The costs of the wrapping process are lower than those of individual wrapping robots. We are grateful for your engagement in offering this solution.”

Film is distributed in an adequate quantity by motorised rollers. These are controlled by an electronic system measuring speed and keeping film tension constant during wrapping. The motorised pre-stretch system ensures a film elongation of up to 300%.




The XL version of Rotax S5300 can wrap large pallets of up to 2800 x 1200mm.

Rotax S5300XL suits your automatic wrapping needs perfectly. Thanks to excellent results, it is successfully used in the palettizing line, for a raised productivity.

Your company can benefit of our specialists’ audit for optimizing the packaging process. You can contact one of our consultants to analyse your needs and offer you the ideal solution for your business.


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