Easy and fast semiautomatic pallet wrapping

Spinny S140 Plus, an Effe3Ti Italy semiautomatic palletizing machine is a flexible packaging equipment designed to offer completely customized easy wrapping. Using it, you can reach high quality standards. The machine will be displayed this year at Pack Expo, where visitors will benefit of live demonstrations. Join our display of the entire process and its simplicity. It will convince you about the utility of this equipment in optimizing the automatic pallet wrapping process.

The machine is ideal for fast and easy pallet wrapping. Its technology guarantees an adequate pallet wrapping and a high level of safety for the merchandise during transport. Spinny S140 is available in 2 versions. The Plus model has mechanical braking. The Advanced model is equipped with electromechanical braking for film tensioning.

Regarding safety, the trolley has been deliberately placed on the opposing side of the control panel, to avoid injuries. This way, the operator will not stand near a moving component.

Masina de infoliat paleti Spinny S500 semi-automata

Among its main characteristics:

  • rotating table diameter 1500 mm load 1200 kg
  • distance between column and rotating table 500 mm
  • wrapping height up to 2100 mm detected by photocell
  • separate programming of top and bottom reinforcement wraps
  • table rotation regulated by variable frequency drive from 5 to 10 rpm
  • variable speed of film carrier completely customizable
  • sensor controlled rotation stop
  • independent top and bottom turns
  • film carrier fall protection system
  • electronic control panel with simple wrapping cycle, double wrapping cycle with top sheet, manual wrapping cycle
  • manual film carrier stop for reinforcement wrapping turns

Spinny S140 is a flexible machine with many optional features that aim to satisfy the different needs of different clients. Among them, there is the Smart Touch control panel with 4 customizable working programs, rotating table capacity of up to 2000kg and a diameter of up to 2200mm, pallet height of up to 3100mm.

The standard version of Spinny S140 is designed to wrap pallets of up to 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W), with a loading capacity of up to 1200kg.

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