• Max. product height: 150 mm
  • Automatic motorized adjustable height of the sealer according to the product height, which positively affects the machine speed
  • Movable sealing jaws, which close in the middle of the product height, thanks to the
  • Adjustment in height of the sealer supporting group
  • Conveyorbelt speed adjustable with  inverter from 8 to 28 mt/minute
  • Electronic device to memorize the packaging parameters of 20 different products and automatic size change over
  • Shrink tunnel enclosed in the machine frame with stronger teflon conveyorbelt in KEVLAR
  • Device to align the products, when they are loaded not in line
  • Device to adjust the quantity of film before and after the product
  • Manually adjustable infeed conveyorbelt
  • Distance between the two conveyorbelts suitable for products for min. length 150 mm
  • Sealing blade at constant heat  – software controlled


– adjustable conveyorbelt speed

– electronic temperature control with static relay, which limits the temperatura shiftings

and which grants good results

– conveyorbelt with stronger teflon belt in kevlar

CE safety protections




  • Device for the approach of the conveyors
  • Pneumatic microperforator
  • Guide to protect the product
  • Conveyorbelt to separate  products
  • Electronic group to remove the electrostatic charges from the film
  • Photocell to read the registration marks on printed film
  • Vertical photoeye added to the existing one
  • Modification for sealer opening till 200 mm and for tunnel top increase

Automatic Start/Stop device: it allows to load the machine manually: a photoeye reads the product and, after an adjustable delay, the device starts the first conveyorbelt, which takes the product to the sealer

  • Manual Start/Stop device: it allows to load the machine manually:
  • the first conveyor is in stop position; when this device is switched on, the previously loaded product is taken to the sealer
  • Soft-Start
  • Version with shaft tunnel: conveyorbelt made of silicon coated rollers
  • distance between the rollers 24 mm
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