Ladypack S600, S800, S1200

• Semiautomatic version with pushed and  manual product loading by operator
• Automatic version with in line motorized belt and with photoeye, which detects the product arrival
• Automatic version with motorized belt at 90° to the sleeve wrapper and with automatic start of the pusher at product arrival
• Automatic version with collating device, which creates the mutlipack and with automatic start of the pusher, once the multipack has been collated
• Sealing blade at constant heat
• Both film unwinding groups are motorized
• Both film rolls are placed on the bottom
• Tunnel with metal net conveyor
• Side fans at the tunnel exit, to cool down the PE film and to decrease the shrinking time
• Pressing device, synchronized with the sealing bar movement, to keep the products stable during the sealing operation (optional)
• Mechanical device to help the passage of irregular or short products from the feeding tale to the tunnel belt (optional)
• Side sponge rollers, placed at the tunnel exit, to presse the film edges (optional)



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