We are certain of the quality of our products, which is why we provide the longest warranty for professional packaging solutions, up to 36 months.

Certified origin of parts

Exchange parts for the packaging machines undergo rigurous quality check. KangooPack clients get quaranteed authenticity.

Compatibility with any industry

KangooPack offers customized solutions, regardless of your field of activity. This is possible thanks to our vast equipment portfolio.

Food certification

We offer a safety warranty and we are the only Romanian distributors of stretch film with Food Contact Approval Certificate.

Largest product variety

KangooPack has a very vast portfolio of consumables, offering our partners complete solutions for satisfying various needs and demands.

Compatibility with any industry

The consumables that KangooPack sells adapt to our partners’ activity. This way, no matter what industry you belong to, we have the perfect solution.

National and international cover

In the right spot: through our delegated specialists, KangooPack is ready to help its partners, both nationally and internationally. Our objective is to promptly respond to our customers’ needs.

Service for any specific equipment

The right way: the designated KangooPack team provides specialised knowledge and experience. Our specialists are always ready to offer servicing for any specific equipment.

Short intervention time

At the right moment: part of our mission is to be prompt and intervene in the shortest time possible. Our KangooPack specialists are constantly involved in developing the most effective intervention strategies.


Regardless of your industry’s specifics, KangooPack offers the technical expertise you need in order for you to benefit from a more efficient packaging. We have a vast experience in this domain of activity and we offer our specialists a long-term training program.

Consultancy and customized solutions

KangooPack partnerships rely on satisfying actual and potential needs of clients, but also on comunication and active listening, with the purpose of identifying growth oportunities.

Setup and maintenance

Our team offers full setup and maintenance services, completed by training your staff in operating the acquired packaging systems. This guarantees the optimization of your packaging processes for the entire length of our partnership.

We listen

We actively listen to our clients, we evaluate and discuss every option for optimizing the packaging process, we meet your needs at the highest performance standards.

We design

Together we design and build the architecture of the professional packaging solution that best fits YOUR needs.

We guarantee

We guarantee our equipment and consumables’ performance and reliability, by offering the longest standard warranty period in the market.

We provide the highest level of quality for our products and services.







Each new client represents a new challenge, each project is an oportunity for us to constantly develop, and each KangooPack specialist is a new step in reaching our partners’ success.

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Adhesive Tapes

These offers are customised! To benefit of our discount for adhesive tapes, please call 0258 817 842 or send an e-mail to kangoopack@ectc.ro.

Stretch film

To discuss with one of our specialists and benefit of a discount for any of these films, please call 0258 817 842 or send an e-mail to kangoopack@ectc.ro.

PES Tape

To benefit of a dicount for PES tapes, please contact our specialists at 0258 817 842 or write us an email at kangoopack@ectc.ro.

PP Tape

To benefit of the discount for the PP tape, contact our specialists by calling 0258 817 842 or send an e-mail to kangoopack@ectc.ro.

Goldtape Semi-automatic Case Forming Machine

To benefit of the discount, please call +40 0258 817 842 or send an e-mail to kangoopack@ectc.ro.

Spinny S300 Pallet Wrapping Machine

To discuss with one of our consultants and benefit of the discount, please call 0258 817 842 or send an e-mail to kangoopack@ectc.ro.

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