The automatic packaging robot Oscar – The newest member of the Effe3ti family

If the product isn’t loaded onto a wrapping machine, it’s the wrapping machine that moves around the product. Here’s “OSCAR”, the newborn in the EFFE3TI family, designed for versatility and mobility needs, where immediate “on site” wrapping is needed.

With 255Kg weight only, it can be easily moved thanks to the handlebar equipped with buttons for handling or moved with forklift.

Simply put the “feeling” wheel on the product to be wrapped, press the start button and … Oscar protects your product by stopping at the end of the cycle.

With a minimum dimension of the pallet of 600 x 600mm, and a standard wrapping height of 2100mm (2600mm optional and over 2600mm on request), Oscar can wrap your product with a footprint of only one meter offset from the pallet. A very easy to use control panel, allows all the regulation with only few buttons.

Oscar has the longest autonomy of up to 320 pallets / charge. And when the batteries are low … no problem: there’s an onboard battery charger with bipolar plug that lets you charge your batteries wherever you are (maximum 8h for batteries at 20%).

Available, according to your needs, film carriage with motorized pre-stretch, electromagnetic brake or mechanical brake for film tensioning.

Problems with pallets of weights and sizes out of the norm? Don’t want to move the product? Don’t worry, OSCAR is here.

You can find Oscar’s technical specifications here. For more information, don’t hesitate to call 0258817842, or send us an e-mail at


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