Reduced costs in the pallet packaging process


The packaging industry is constantly growing in Romania. Our Romanian consumers acknowledge the necessity of a complete packaging process, in order to reduce costs and grow company efficiency.

Innovation in the industry comes from foreign packaging equipment designers. They have created and optimized complex machines that are meant to automatize the packaging process. As a result of this continuous technological progress, the specific costs are reduced and the entire packaging process becomes more precise.

Another advantage is the safety of these equipments. By automatizing such activities, the operator is protected and the risks of work accidents reduced.

Three of the top producers of such machines are Effe3Ti, Pactur and GG Machines, from Italy.

Spinny S500 by Effe3Ti offers motorized pre-stretch and braking systems that allow a better quality control of the wrapping process. The height of the pallet cand reach 3800 mm. The machine allows a reduced film width by folding it for a better pallet anchoring.

For grouped or individual packaging in heat sealing tape, either polyolephin or PVC, we recommend the Auto 60 Unica machine by Pactur. It is fully automated and can reduce space between conveyors, for very small products. This machine provides a very high productivity and is fit for any application.

Evoring A 400 by GG Machine is an automatic horizontal wrapping machine, with stretch film, allowing the manual adjustment of the conveyor height, for maximum precision. The equipment provides input and output motorised conveyors. The functions are controled through a touch-screen display.

The case erector and box sealing complete line by Effe3Ti is specially designed to cover the entire process of box forming and sealing. The Flex 056-P, PRF-04, Goldtape 50 and PRE-50-3 machines form a complete system that helps reduce packaging costs and protects any packed product during transport. The line forms, seals and transports boxes to the distribution loading site.

The equipment can be tested during Pack Expo at Romexpo Bucharest. This year, you will find us at stand number 4, reserved for Cora Trade Center (CTC). Our specialists will attend the fair between 27-30 September in the Central Pavilion. They are open to any questions about the packaging process.

Cora Trade Center is a company dedicated to clients that aim to optimize production and constantly grow. Through dedication and work, each company partner benefits of technical support during setup, as well as finding the best solution that fits each industry’s needs. CTC is sole distributor for Effe3Ti machines from Italy in Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria.







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