SBM 4400/4401

The Signode SBM 4400 is a new machine in the SBM range not available in the previous series. The SBM 4400 model it an automatic, operator controlled strapping machine with the strapping head integrated as a side-seal model in the side of the machine housing that is arguably the simplest machine to use and maintain currently available. The strap dispenser on this model is located on the rear of the unit for very easy access and simple insertion of the strap end into the machine automatically loads the strap into the chute and the machine accumulator box.

By eliminating the use of drive belts drive chains and clutches, wear parts have been significantly reduced on the SBM 4400/4401, creating a machine that combines ease of operation with low cost of ownership.

The SBM 4401 unit is equipped with the short anvil head which enables boxes and other products to be strapped by the machine with a height as low as only 20 mm and 100 mm wide. The standard SBM 4400 can accommodate loads as small as 50 mm high and 100 mm wide.


SBM 4400/4401 Main Features
Jam-resistant technology
Patented SBM strapping head provides industry leading packaging reliability.
High speed strapping
Fast strapping cycle – up to 70 straps per minute – increases productivity potential.
Easy strap loading
Strap loads from the indicated direction eliminating down time and waste strap.
Low maintenance
Easy access, far less components and ‘tool free’ service mean lower costs.


SBM 4400/4401 Specifications
Strapping System: SBM 4000 cam driven head
Sealing Method: Heat seal side located strapping head
Strap Tension: Adjustable from 10 to 300 N
Soft strap tension as std. Selection via control panel HMI
Strap Dimensions: 9 and 12 mm embossed Dylastic SBM Polypropylene strapping
Cycle Rate: Up to 70 straps per minute
Strapping Signal: Via foot switch or potential free contact when integrated into a packaging line
Power Supply: 230 Volt, 1 P NE, 50 Hz
Control Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Control System: Microprocessor- SigMatik and Siemens S7 PLC
Standard Table Height: 560 mm
Product Weight: Max. 50kg with integrated roller option
Shipping Weight: 190kg
Machine Colours: RAL 6000 green
Max. Package Sizes W x H: Varies depending on chute dimensions
Min. Package Size W x H: 100 x 50 mm

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