SBM 4330

The Signode SBM 4330 is a fully automatic, operatorless strapping machine that is the simplest machine to use and maintain currently available.

With fewer components, compared to previous models, plus industry leading features that increase productivity and reduce downtime, SBM 4330 creates the opportunity for production throughputs of up to 70 straps per minute!

By eliminating the use of drive belts chains, and clutches, wear parts have been significantly reduced on the unit, creating a machine that combines ease of operation with low cost of ownership.


SBM 4330 Main Features

Jam-resistant technology
Patented SBM strapping head provides industry leading packaging reliability.
High speed strapping
Fast strapping cycle – up to 70 straps per minute – increases productivity potential.
Easy strap loading
Strap loads in the indicated direction eliminating down time and waste strap, with the easy lock strap dispenser cover making the coil change very easy.
Variable speed conveyor
Standard variable speed reversible conveyor integrates easily into existing conveyor system.
Low maintenance
Easy access, less components and ‘tool-free’ service mean lower costs.


SBM 4330 Specifications
Cycle Rate: Up to 70 straps per minute (subject to pack and chute size)
Maximum package weight: 35 Kg
Strap size: 9 mm to 12 mm Polypropylene strap
Electrical requirements: 230 Volt, 1PNE, 50 Hz;
Weight: Up to 300 Kg depending on options selected

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