SBM 2000

The SBM 2000 offers unique levels of speed and reliability, together with an outstanding simplicity of design. This makes the SBM 2000 to be a truly top choice for general duty light-duty strapping applications.


SBM 2000 Main Features
Unique jam-resistant technology
The patented SBM strapping head offers the highest level of reliability currently available.
High speed strapping
With up to 70 straps per minute, the SBM 2000 provides the highest available speed in the range of general duty machines.
Easy maintenance
The strap path is fully accessible, no belts or clutches, most of the maintenance work can be executed without the use of any tools.
Automatic strap re-feed
Any time the strap doesn’t go around the package, a simple step on the foot pedal and the machine clears itself. If the machine is cycled without a package in the machine it kicks out a strap loop to self clear.
Easy coil loading and error free dispenser
Easy coil loading and error free dispenser, located inside the machine for customer with space issues to make the machine easier and simpler to use in smaller plants.
The strap coil pays off easily from the marked direction so loading a new coil of strap becomes simpler than ever, also due to the easy lock dispenser side cover.
Easy Accessible Strap Path
The hinged table top provides easy and fast access to the strap path. By lifting the guide, full access to the strap path is obtained – without tools.


SBM 2000 Specifications
Strapping System: SBM 2000 cam driven head
Sealing Method: Heat seal
Strap Tension: Adjustable from 10 to 300 N
Soft strap tension as std. Selection via control panel HMI
Cycle Rate: Up to 70 straps per minute
Strapping Signal: Via foot switch
Power Supply: 230 Volt, 1 PNE, 50 Hz
Control Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Control System: Microprocessor- SigMatik
Standard Table Height: 820 mm
Shipping Weight: 170-200 kg
Machine Colours: RAL 6000 green
Max. Package Sizes WxH: Varies depending on chute dimensions
Min. Package Size WxH: 100 x 20 mm

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