LST 252 / LST 404

Due to the ergonomic design, Linder Survivor LST 252/404 fits perfectly in the hand and is perfectly balanced with its low weight of only 3.6 kg. With the BOSCH high-performance lithium-ion battery, it manages up to 600 strapping cycles and only needs 30 minutes to be fully operational. The extremely durable housing does not give up even in adverse environments. And the included suitcase keeps everything safe when not in use. Due to the perfect processing of high-quality components, this device offers an excellent solution for your strapping.

Technical Data

Strap width (mm): 12-19mm
Strap strength (mm): 0,73-1,05mm
Strap type: PP and PET strap
Weight: 3,6 Kg
Tensioning force: 2.500-4.000N


The Advantages

  • Optimal ergonomics through perfect balance of the device
  • Super safe handling due to low weight
  • Optimum protection of the battery from damage due to housing design
  • Extremely robust housing for a long life
  • Simple troubleshooting by displaying numerous error codes in the event of a fault
  • Including high-quality tool case, in which the accessories can be stored optimally
  • Up to 600 strapping cycles (PP 15×0.8 mm) per battery charge thanks to BOSCH high-performance lithium-ion battery
  • Only 30 minutes charging time through fast charger
  • Special base plate allows easy use even in adverse environments
  • Extreme reliability and durability: 5 randomly selected devices have been successfully subjected to a long-term test with 300,000 strapping cycles
  • Longer warranty than comparable equipment: 15 months for mechanical parts (excluding wear parts), 36 months for motor and PCB

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