LadyPack 30L/40L

  • Rotary side sealer, for the packaging of products of any length;
  • High performances with medium size products: 50-60 mechanical cycles / minute;
  • The same rotary side sealer is suitable both for PO and for PE films;
  • Adjustable opening of the sealer, to improve the sealing time;
  • Sealing line always in the middle of the product height
  • Memories for the packing parameters of 20 different products and  automatic size change over in few seconds;
  • Vertical electrical box, for a very easy access;
  • Machine completely closed and protected by CE compliant protection garding;
  • Possible connection to a shrink tunnel with mesh or metal or roller conveyor.








Tehnical Data Auto 30L Auto 40L
Transversal sealer width 300 mm 450 mm
Conveyor speed 8-30 mt/mm 8-30 mt/mm
APower supply 220 V 220 V
Electrical consumption 4 KW 4 KW
Air supply 6.8 bar 6/8 bar
Compressed air consumption 227 NL/min 295 NL/min
Max film roll diameter 400 mm 400 mm
Max film roll width 450 mm 750 mm
Max product width 300 mm 450 mm
Max product lenght no limit no limit
Max product height 125 mm 150 mm


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