Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Semi-Automatic Machines Evoring 1200 S250

Our tried and tested mono-block robustness structure can also be used with our EVORING range. The machines are designed and created to ensure quick and simple packaging without compromising on quality and at an exceptional quality-price ratio. The heavy steel structure and guarantees structural soundness as well as excellent production performance. The use of materials and components that minimize the wear parts allow you to limit the costs of maintenance. The rotating ring is available in various sizes and in both automatic and semi-automatic versions, making these machines able to meet all packaging needs and placing them at the top of their category.

• Rotation steel unit , high load capacity, driven by wheels which are dragged by a belt
• Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch
• Pneumatically operated cold cutting and clamping unit
• Rotation speed variable by inverter
• PLC to control the wrapping cycle
• Control over the wrapping cycle trough the external pedal
• Infeed and outfeed idle roller conveyors
• Conveyor height manually adjustable with our system R-LOCK
• Air pressure in exercise: 6 bar
• Compressed air consumption: 5NL/min
• Power supply voltage 220V 50-60 Hz single-phase

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