Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines Automatic, BOX 300 A/BOX 500 A/BOX 800 A/BOX 1000 A

GG Macchine presents the new model BOX Automatic.
As entry-level model in the range of GG Macchine, the BOX Semi-automatic is ever since the flagship model of the company and represents the best proportion between investment and efficiency. The natural evolution of this model brought to the development and realisation of the automatic version.
Due to the different diameters of the rotation unit 300-500-800-1000mm the range covers in completely any type of product category of a large variety of shapes and sizes.
Versatility, usability, robustness, reliability, the use of material which reduces wear and spare parts, and what caps the maintenance costs, this brings the product at the top of its class.
GG Macchine projects and builds their machines entirely in Italy.

Banding and spiral machines for a large variety of products with different sizes and shape.
All types of products can be wrapped from profiles in wood, plastic and metal, aluminium extrusions, tubes in plastic, textile, cardboard boxes, shutters, awnings, panels in wood or metal, doors, flaps, all types of furniture.
Compared with the semi-automatic model BOX- S, in the series BOX- A the cycle is fully automatic.
The machines of the series BOX-A are flexible and easy in their use.
Their employment can happen with or without the aid of the operator, in fact they are planned to be insert also in completely automatic lines.
Structurally, compared to the semi-automatic series BOX-S they are equipped with belt conveyors, photocells to survey the product, vertical pneumatic pressures to stabilise the product during the wrapping with the 6 banding programs.


Optional Box A

Rollers PVC coated

This optional is recommended when if needed that the products flow on a surface which is soft and doesn’t scratch, allowing this way to protect the surface of the product.

Manual pressure with free roller PVC coated

This optional allows a more functional packaging especially for very light products; positioning the pressure at the desired height, depending on the size of the product, it has the task to keep it stationary while the ring rotates during the wrapping phase, avoiding any bounce of the product.

Lateral guides with rollers PVC coated

It is appropriate to use this option when there is the necessity to wrap a product with a delicate surface, which could be scratched by the standard sheet lateral guides.

V-shaped free roller conveyors with rollers PVC coated

This option allows to give shape to the package already before the wrapping, it is also very functional for the wrapping of round products, as with the feature of the V- shape it keeps the product always centred, preventing to roll sideways.

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