Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Automatic Machines AT-A

Banding and spiral machines for a large variety of products with different sizes and shape.
All types of products can be wrapped from golden mouldings, furniture of all kinds, wooden products, profiles from all types of materials to large steel bundles: wooden or metal panels, sandwich for buildings, insulation panels, etc… Regarding the models semi-automatic ( AT-S e BOX ) in series AT-A the cycle is complete automated.
The machine of series AT-A are flexible and simple in their use.
Their employment can happen with or without the aid of operator. In fact they are planned also being inserted online completely automatic.
Structurally regarding the semi.automatic series, are equipped of belt conveyors or rollers motorized, photocell of survey of the product, vertical pressure pneumatic in order to stabilize the product during the winding and 8 banding programs.

Technical Properties

Rotation steel unit, high load capacity, driven by wheels which are dragged a belt.
Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch.
Unit of hooking, holding and cutting.
Variable number of bandings on head and tail of the product, by programmable terminal
Ring rotation speed variable
Conveyors speed variable
Photocell to detect the product for the start and stop of the wrapping cycle
Power supply voltage 220V 50-60 Hz single-phase
Air pressure in exercise: 6/7 bar
Programmable terminal for the setting of the various parameters and to select one of the 8 the different banding types
Fully automatic spiral wrapping cycle
Manually adjustable heigth conveyors
Vertical pneumatic pressure unit with free rollers infeed and outfeed.


Detailed information AT A
Control Panel
The control panel is equipped with:
1 emergency mushroom pushbutton
1 pushbutton disables brake of the ring
to disable the rotating ring motor brake
1 pushbutton film hooking
Pushing it the piston of the film hooking comes forth and releasing it goes back in the original position
1 pushbutton and pedal start- stop work cycle
Pushing it the conveyors start to move, if the button is pushed a second time before the product is intercept by the photocell in the input, the conveyors stop again
1 reset pushbutton
1 switch reverse gear conveyors
1 potentiometer to regulate the speed of the ring
1 potentiometer to regulate the speed of the conveyors
1 programmable terminal for the setting of the various parameters and to select one of the 8 the different banding types

Hooking, cutting and holding stretch film

Automatic hooking, cutting and holding of the stretch film at the end of each wrapping cycle. It is a hot cutting through the facility of a heater Teflon coated.
This clever precaution prevents that in the course of time residues of the stretch film remain on the heater jeopardising the proper functioning.
Motor rotation unit
The motor of the rotation unit is a brake motor- asynchronous and three-phase. This allows to maintain always the same hold point of the film spool at the end of each wrapping cycle, no matter if the spool has more or less weight.
Regulation of the stretch film tension
The spool holder 1 and the gear roller 2 have a mechanically adjustable clutch, which enables easily to regulate the tension of the stretch film through a tubular spanner 19.
Passage stretch film
The complete closure of the machine ensures the highest security level.
Pneumatic pressure group in the input and output
The pneumatic pressures assure a perfect stabilisation of the product during the wrapping. The course of the pressures is manually adjustable to simplify their positioning on the products of different heights. Their pressure in action and the descent and ascent speed are adjustable through appropriate regulators.
Lateral slides in the input and output
The lateral slides a manually adjustable to centre at best the products of different widths. There adjustment is easily to manage.

Optional AT A

End Film Welding
It can be supplied on all automatic models. The End Film Welding Group replaces the standard cutting unit. Enables to fix through the welding the end of the stretch film on the product after the wrapping process.
Lateral guides with rollers PVC coated
It is appropriate to use this option when there is the necessity to wrap a product with a delicate surface, which could be scratched by the standard sheet lateral guides.
End Film Alarm
It can be supplied on all automatic models. Signalises automatically through an optical / acoustical alarm that the stretch film is running out.
Pre – Stretch film
It can be supplied on all automatic and semi-automatic models. It reduces the consumption of the stretch film by 100%. Allows a better packaging at a lower cost.
Centralising Unit
It can be supplied on all automatic models. Centralises automatically each product on the conveyors, whatever his width is. Device which is used to wrap products of different sizes during a continuous cycle. This device replaces the manual lateral slides which are a feature on the standard machines.
String Package Opener
It can be supplied on all automatic models. Integrates string package opener which allows the opening of the package without using a cutter or other tools which could damage the surface of the product

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