Girotec RDL


Tehnical Data
Maximum wrapping height 1800 mm
Maximum pallet dimension 800/1200 mm
Maximum diameter of film roll 180 mm
Film width 430-500 mm
Battery charging time 8 h
Battery capacity 140 pallets


Wrapping machine installed on a mechanical pallet jack. The fact that this machine is on a pallet jack makes it exceptionally mobile and independent from any external power supply thanks to both internal electric batteries.


  • Mobility and easy maintenance
  • Fine adjsutment of the brake
  • Easy change of film rolls
  • Easy operation from a control panel with touch display
  • Service and fault messages
  • Intuitive menu with pictograms
  • Soft start and stop
  • Possibility to adjust the number of layers at the bottom and the top of the pallet
  • Four wrapping programs
  • Adjustment of film overlapping
  • Automatic counter of the number of wrapped pallets
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