Wrapping machines with mechanical brake  that work with all types of stretch film. Easy to operate, with perfect results for pallet wrapping.


  • The film distributor is moving inside the metal tower. The stretch film is protected from polution and mechanical influences. Increased safety for the operator.
  • Adjustment of the film tension
  • Soft start and stop of the turntable
  • Step-less control of the speed of the film distributor independent from the turntable rotation speed – control of flim overlapping, possibility to optimize the film consumption
  • Programming of the wrapping layers at the bottom and at the the top of the pallet
  • Three main programs: single, cross-wrapping and splash-proof
  • Automatic control of the wrapping height by a photocell
    Possibility to interrupt the wrapping process and restarting from the same place (pause function)
  • Additional options: Load stabilizer, access ramp, pit mounting frames
Tehnical Data
Turntable diameter 1650 / 2000 mm
Maximum wrapping height 2400 mm
Minimum wrapping height 50 mm
Maximum pallet dimension 1200×1200 mm
1200×1200 mm
Maximum pallet weight 2000 kg
Film roll diameter 250 mm
Film width 430-500 mm
Turntable rotation speed 11 rpm
Voltage 380/50Hz
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