Goldtape Semi-automatic Case Forming Machine

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Goldtape Semi-automatic case forming  Machine – Modells 50S – 50 – 65 – 80

The semi-automatic case forming machine is equipped with lateral motorisations adjustable with handles to the dimensions of the boxes to be sealed. The operator forms boxes by folding the inferior margins, fills the boxes, then folds the superior margins and then introduces the box into the machine. During the passing through the machine, the superior and inferior margins are simultaneously sealed with the sealing heads.

You can find more technical information about the semi-automatic case forming machine Goldtape 50S – 50 – 65 – 80 here.

Technical characteristics

  • The machine’s structure is made of folded steel sheet that is painted and screwed securely.
  • The workspace consists in free metallic rolls.
  • 2 column structure – one of the columns is spiraled to simmetrically move the superior sealing head.
  • Safety protections according to CE certification of safety standards.
  • 2 lateral transmission belts with a 40 mm width, actioned by a 0.22kW motor.
  • 4 lateral pressing rolls (2 + 2) – to keep the superior margins of the box closed.
  • Box transfer speed: 24m/min. (inferior / superior speed adjustments on demand)
  • 2 sealing heads TU2.1 (inferior and superior) for tapes with a width of 50 mm – 75 mm
  • a special system to block the frame of the upper sealing head in a superior position. This helps change the inferior tape roll.
  • workspace height: 650 to 750 mm.
  • on and off button, with emergency off button in an ergonomical and accessible position.

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