Adhesive Tapes Promotions

Packaging adhesive tapes are made of BOPP and an adhesive layer. The adhesive used can be acryllic, hot melt or solvent.

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Below, you will find some technical differences between the three types of adhesive tapes. For more details, please contact our specialists at the phone number listed above.

The acryllic adhesive tape has a very high and time-resistant adherence. However, in order to fully stick, the acryllic adhesive needs time, depending on the material and temperature when it is applied. The tape is resistant both to high and low temperatures. Besides, it is also highly resistant to UV rays.

Hot melt adhesive tape sticks faster than acryllic tape and can be applied at low temperatures. However, the temperature and stocking conditions do play an important part in keeping the products safely packed.

Solvent based adhesive tape requires a short time to fully stick. The adhesive resists well both at high and low temperatures.

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