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Who Are We And How Can We Grow Your Business?

KangooPack, a Cora Trade Center brand, brings together performant equipment and consumables for packaging merchandise on pallets, group packaging, tying, forming and sealing boxes and consumables.

Besides providing machines by prestigious brands like Effe3ti, GG Machine or Pactur, KangooPack also offers professional consultancy and audit services. We constantly aim to optimize the technological packaging process.

Our comitment

“KangooPack honors the promise to contribute to its partners development by optimizing each technological packaging process through our dedicated team, always aiming to constantly progress.” (Mariel Petric-KangooPack, a Cora Trade Center brand)


By 2022, KangoPack will become the number 1 solution in the professional packaging solution market, becoming lead brand in the market.



Performance guaranteed

Operational excellence

Constant development


Our suppliers guarantee the top quality of our products and services. Our mediation between the customer and the producer assures optimal solutions for each client. Also, every customer from our portfolio recommends KangooPack equipment with trust.


Each KangooPack recommendation aims to satisfy the customer’s needs, regardless of the industry. The equipment and consumables we provide can be adapted to fit each partner’s specific activity.


KangooPack guarantees safety. Our equipment are designed to ensure great functionality during the packaging process, without endangering the personnel using it. Besides physical safety, our partners are assured of the systems’ high performance and eficiency.


KangooPack provides a warranty of up to 3 years, depending on the machine. We also ensure technical support and consultancy during the entire time we collaborate. Our specialists are always there for you and can offer all sorts of optimization solutions.

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